Kitty Lindsay
February 03, 2018 1:02 pm
Adam Ellis /

Gather ’round the campfire, kids. It’s time for the latest horrifying chapter in the story of Dear David. Adam Ellis just tweeted his scariest update yet. Don’t believe us? It’s totally true! Just when you thought it was safe to sleep again, the creepy ghost is baaack, and we’ve got the chills to prove it.

If Dear David following his human home for the holidays made your blood run cold, get ready. This ghost is not messing around anymore. After haunting Ellis’s Instagram in January, Dear David upped his ghoul game this week and finally finished him off. At least, that’s what we suspect happened. We can’t really be sure. All we know is this: In the early hours of Saturday, February 3rd, following nearly five full days of spooky silence, Ellis posted a chillingly cryptic tweet. It read simply, “everything is fine.” But for real, everything is probably not fine.

As Twitter users pointed out, the three-word tweet is an unsettling departure from Ellis’s usually descriptive threads. No images, no videos. Capitalization and punctuation are notably missing, too, which Dear David fans know is very out of the ordinary. And that extra space between “is” and “fine” really drives home the point that everything is probably not fine. It just doesn’t add up. Which led everyone to wonder, IS ADAM ELLIS EVEN ALIVE RN?!

Here’s Ellis’ latest Dear David update.

Think too long on what might have happened to Ellis and damn yourself to a lifetime of nightmares.

Even if the demon child failed to drag Ellis to hell this time around, Ellis might still be in danger.

[subheader.]Be afraid. Be very afraid.[/subheader]

Anyone who’s seen The Exorcist knows what we’re talking about.

Or maybe this is just Dear David’s version of a Twitter takeover…?

We hope so.

No matter what explanations materialize, this is clearly Dear David’s world. We just live in it. But for how long?!