Hep Alien is back together again

Lia Beck
Sep 25, 2020 @ 11:18 am
adam brody and keiko agena gilmore girls reunion, dave and lane
Credit: J. Merritt; Steve Granitz, Getty Images

Now here’s a Gilmore Girls reunion that should go over better with everyone than that revival. On Thursday night, Adam Brody and Keiko Agena reunited on Instagram to encourage people to vote. But, while they were back together for a good cause, the two also talked about their time on the show and answered some Star Hollow-themed questions.

Agena is known for playing Lane Kim, Rory Gilmore’s (Alexis Bledel) best friend, throughout Gilmore Girls’ seven-season run. Brody played Lane’s boyfriend, Dave Rygalski, in Season 3, which aired way back in 2002. That relationship came to a close when Dave moved to California—as did Brody, in a sense, because the actor began starring on The O.C. soon afterward.

Now, Lane and Dave are together once again. (Honestly, like it should have been on Gilmore Girls.)

The actors took part in a 50-minute Instagram Live video (the first 10 minutes are Agena waiting for Brody to show up) to ask fans to join them in writing letters urging others to vote as part of the non-profit Vote Forward. They explain how Vote Forward works and sorts of things people can include in their letters. Brody asked Agena for tips on how to make his letter bipartisan, which he thought would help, but something he was struggling with.

“There are real world impacts that will have immediate effects on our lives today,” Agena said she wrote in her letter. “You vote is important. Make sure you’re heard.”

Brody explained that the point of Vote Forward is that a handwritten letter can convince someone to vote in a way mass-produced get-out-the-vote materials might not be able to.

“Someone wrote me a handwritten letter. This isn’t just spam," he said. “There’s a connection there in the same way that door knocking has.” 

Of course, being that this was a Gilmore Girls reunion, the pair also took some time to answer a couple of fan questions.

In response to the old classic “whose team are you on?” when it comes to Rory’s love interests, Agena said that she’s Team Jess, while Brody said, “I have a brother-in-law named Logan, so Logan.”

They also talked about working on the Gilmore Girls set, which Brody described as “so cozy and old fashioned.” “You see in all the movies growing up,” he explained, “movies about making movies, and it’s always Warner Brothers, these fake cities on studios. And there was something thrilling to me and cozy and kid-like about being in this suburb on this lot in the middle of the night.” 

You can still watch Agena and Brody’s video on Agena’s Instagram page. It’s both educational and an interesting look at what life might have been like for Lane and Dave. I imagine they’d have impassioned chats about climate change and taxing the rich, too.