Nicole Pomarico
Updated Mar 20, 2019 @ 12:51 pm
Credit: HelloGiggles/Twittter

Treating people with kindness, dignity, and respect should be a no-brainer—but apparently, some able-bodied people don’t think that rule applies when speaking to people with disabilities. As Upworthy reported, a woman named Imani Barbarin started the hashtag #AblesAreWeird this month to highlight the strange things able-bodied people have done and said to her because of her disability. And she’s not even close to the only person who’s encountered this.

After her tweet went viral, many other people with disabilities began tweeting about the weird things abled people have said and done to them—and while it’s hard to believe that many of these things even happened…they did. As Barbarin said in an interview with Romper, sometimes common sense goes out the window when people meet someone who happens to have a disability.

“When it comes to disability, ableds tend to lose all sense of common sense and instead act in ways that are completely strange and at times dangerous,” Barbarin said. “This isn’t the behavior that they would [display] around other abled people, so why would they do it with us?”

So many people have come forward to share their stories, and all of them are pretty horrifying.


Barbarin tweeted that she hopes this hashtag gives abled people who are shocked by these tweets a chance to learn and do better from here.

If you are abled, let this be a lesson. Do better—don’t be weird.