While having a newborn is amazing and life-altering and all that, not many people prepare you for the realities of breastfeeding. However, Lauren Paul, Aaron Paul’s wife and mom to new baby Story, just got incredibly real about the struggle.

While nursing can be absolutely wonderful should that be your chosen route, some women have health problems they don’t anticipate. And Lauren just revealed that within a three-week span of time, she developed mastitis twice.

Mastitis occurs when the mammary gland gets inflamed, and it’s common for women who have sensitive or injured nipples — which often happens when you’re first getting the hang of breastfeeding. It also often occurs when a milk duct is blocked, and it can cause a fever — which is the last thing a new mother needs.

When breastfeeding goes “wrong,” many women blame themselves or think they must be alone in the experience— especially because there’s relatively little discussion about all the varied and normal issues that pop up for new moms.

We applaud Lauren for opening up about her breastfeeding issues and helping to remove the mystery around this kind of thing for so many other women. Thank you, Lauren!