Angelica Florio
March 17, 2018 3:06 pm
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If you’re standing up, you might want to grab a seat. Because the story behind Aaron Paul’s daughter’s name is a doozy. Paul and his wife Lauren welcomed their baby girl into the world in February of 2018. Soon after, the actor announced that his daughter’s name is Story. Paul shared the meaning behind his daughter’s name while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday, March 16th. It turns out that the story behind Story’s name is pretty incredible.

It all goes back to Aaron and Lauren’s first date. The two famously met at Coachella, then met up in Las Vegas for an official first date that’s like something you’d only see in a rom-com.

“We did a dinner and a show and we drove back in this old car that I bought in Vegas,” the actor, who now stars in Hulu’s The Path, said. “That night we actually bought our unborn baby a leather jacket, and we went to a chapel to get married.” He paused for dramatic effect, then proceeded to explain, “But the chapel happened to be closed. And so we took that as a sign and just waited.” OMG.

But wait — there’s more. “And, no joke, we took $200 and won 16 grand on blackjack. This is a true story.” Because that story is so amazing, Paul and his wife decided that their daughter is their “little Story.” It’s pretty fitting, as the tale of how her mother and father met will blow everyone’s minds for all of eternity.

Watch Paul tell Fallon about the most incredible first date ever.

You even get to see a picture of Baby Story wearing the leather jacket.

Paul also told Fallon that having his new daughter is “the best thing in the world.”

We have a feeling that he’ll be an amazing dad.

Knowing Paul, Story’s life will likely include many unbelievable events. She has plenty of adventures ahead of her.

Story will undoubtedly live up to her name.