Claire Beaudreault
Updated March 19, 2018
The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Fans of the late great Aaliyah are going to fall in love with a new makeup collection inspired by the singer.

Are you that somebody? We are, and apparently so are a bunch of Melt Cosmetics lovers. Fans of the R&B legend are losing their minds over a new eyeshadow collection that seems to be inspired by Aaliyah‘s final album cover.

Revelist reported on the five shade eyeshadow stack inspired by the icon and her songs. Melt’s been holding back this secret from us but they finally told it, and it’ll be here soon. The makeup collection includes three matte and two shimmer shadow finishes in a versatile warm red color scheme that looks similar to Aaliyah’s final, self-titled album cover.

MAC announced an Aaliyah makeup collection last year, but Melt is sliding through with its shadows a couple of months sooner. We don’t mean to rock the boat, but do these two brands need a resolution? We vote “no way!” There are enough baby girl vibes for everyone to enjoy.

We don’t have pricing info yet, but we know that for super stans, throwing down (their hard-earned cash) ain’t nothing but a thing. The collection launches March 23rd at 12 p.m. PST.

The singles.


The swatches.

Melt fans are freaking out, and there are hundreds of comments on each post.

TrendMood has the insider info, per usual.

According to TrendMood, the shade names are So Dope, Come Over, Baby Girl, More Than A Lover, and Dust Yourself Off.

We will obviously keep you posted as we get more info. Follow Melt Cosmetics on Instagram @meltcosmetics to get the scoop on this new makeup collection.