Image of United Airlines terminal
Credit: Patrick Gorski / NurPhoto via Getty Images

As if traveling wasn’t stressful enough, a United Airlines employee tried to tell a passenger her bag didn’t fit the size requirements for carry-on luggage, even though it clearly did. The argument, which ended up involving four United employees, was literally over nothing. We want to pull our hair out.

On February 12th, Natalia Rutkowski and her mother Anna were traveling from Chicago to New Jersey via United Airlines. After checking her large bag at Chicago O’Hare Airport, Natalia and Anna were told that Anna would have to check her purse because it was too large to carry onto the plane.

Another United employee stepped in and allowed Natalia to check the bag’s size with the personal item bin. Natalia put the bag into the holder and showed both employees that it clearly was not oversized.

But then a third employee intervened. He pulled the bag from the sizing bin, repositioned it so it looked like it didn’t fit, and then stated Anna would have to check her bag and pay an additional fee of $25.


It took a ~fourth~ employee to clear up the situation. Finally, the last United employee involved agreed with Natalia and Anna, stating that the bag fit the size requirements. He then cleared the two to board with their carry-ons.

According to Fox News, United has reached out to Natalia and is investigating the situation. But Natalia confirmed that she won’t be flying with United again any time soon. And honestly, after something as frustrating as this pointless argument, we can’t blame her.