Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

Who doesn’t remember those terrible writing prompts from elementary school asking you to write a persuasive letter to some person you don’t even know on a topic nobody cares about? Little did you know that maybe if you had worked a little harder learning that stuff, you could have gotten invited to a Taco Bell conference in Las Vegas. Kinsley James, a 9-year-old third-grader from Davison, Michigan, is scheduled to be speak to over 400 Taco Bell franchise owners at the Taco Bell’s convention later this month after a letter she wrote encouraging Taco Bell to step up its delivery game caught the company’s attention.

According to ABC 12 News, James’s path to public speaking began a couple of weeks ago when she asked her mom to take her to Taco Bell for dinner. Mom, who “had just put her comfy pants on,” decline the proposition. However, instead of taking her frustrations out on her mother, James decided to write a letter to Taco Bell lamenting how the fast food chain could do more on their end to fix the situation.

“Dear Taco Bell,” the handwritten letter begins. “Today I really wanted Tacos, but my mean mom wouldn’t take me and I’m only nine so I cannot drive.” (OK, maybe Kinsley took out a little of her frustrations on her mom.) The letter continues with a list of reason why delivery might benefit the chain from “What if somebody just had surgery and cannot drive?” to “If you’re feeling lazy but really want nacho fries,” and, of course, the most persuasive argument, “This is a good way to make more money.”

A couple days later, James’s mom decided to send the letter to Taco Bell on Facebook. That eventually led to one of the biggest phone calls in the young girl’s life: The corporate office reached out to ask Kinsley to travel to Las Vegas from September 23 to 25 and read her letter in front of hundreds of franchisees as a reminder of the importance of moving ahead with delivery. (For the record, Taco Bell told ABC 12 that they already have a delivery pilot program in Indianapolis and are looking to eventually roll the service out nationwide.)

“I am a little nervous,” James admitted. “You’re going on a stage in front of a lot of people, with the president of Taco Bell reading them a persuasive letter that you made.” Yeah, persuasive writing is one thing, but public speaking…that seems like it’s more at a fourth grade level.