Alyssa Giannone
Updated Jan 17, 2018 @ 3:47 pm
Credit: Carlos Fernandez / Getty Images

Every time there’s a supernatural phenomenon somewhere in the world, Twitter is on the case. Michigan saw the most recent bout of excitement when a meteor shot down from the sky on Tuesday night. As you can imagine, it was easy for Twitter to jump all over this with every joke in the book. From a Joe Dirt joke to a Kim Jong Un joke, a specific look at the personality of the Michigan meteor to a broader look at 2018 so far, the tweets were bountiful.

Basically, southeast Michigan was home to a cool sight when a quick flash of light (that has since been reported as a meteor) shot across the sky. As for the landing, it caused a subtle earthquake. The event made “#meteor” one of the top five trending topics in the United States on Twitter, and here we are. There were thousands of tweets about the event, but here are the best of the best. These are the tweets that made us laugh, cringe, cry, and feel a sense of internet pride.

1. Let’s start with the tweet that caught it all on camera — a flash of green light over the highway, and then the burn-out as it crashed in front of them.

2. A classic and understated Dr. Phil reaction tweet.

3. Some hope that maybe he’ll earn some kind of award for surviving the meteor of 2018.

4. The most Michigan tweet of all the Michigan tweets.

5. Another inside joke for Michiganders.

6. This personal anecdote is something with which we can ALL relate.

7. And a more allegorical approach to what the “explosion” could have been.


8. A full panic attack is settling in…


9. And finally, the meteor’s very own Twitter account. How’s it doing?

All in all, the meteor looks to be a flash of humor in a scary world. Being able to joke about it is exactly the kind of comedy relief that Michigan and the U.S. needed.