Olivia Harvey
January 22, 2018 11:49 am
PhotoStock-Israel / Getty Images

We’ve been following the Twitter saga of Dear David since its inception. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the story, illustrator Adam Ellis has been dealing with the ghost of a dead child since August 2017, and he’s been keeping his followers up to date on all the terrifying details. If you find bits and pieces of Ellis’s story to be relatable, you may also have a ghost in your apartment or house. Of course, we’ve compiled some warning signs that could point to a potential haunting in your own abode.

Before we dive into the symptoms of a haunting, we recommend that you learn about the history of your home first. This is a great place to start uncovering and confirming possible paranormal activity. Ask older neighbors about your home’s previous owners. They might be able to tell you if a previous tenant dealt with unexpected death or sadness. You may also be able to get some answers at your local town hall. Property records can show if your home sits on troubled land (ancient burial grounds, battlefields, etc.), and can also inform you about who owned your home in the decades before you.

If you’re experiencing any or several of the below phenomenons, it might be worth asking an expert for help — especially if these phenomenons are impacting your day-to-day life.

1Cold spots or breezes.

Paranormal investigators often believe that cold spots or random cold breezes are manifestations of spirits, especially if they occur suddenly. Keep in mind that cold spots can also be debunked very easily, so pay attention to the surrounding area next time you feel cool air. Check for nearby vents, drafty windows or doors, or anything else that could cause a breeze before labelling a cold spot as paranormal.

2The feeling that you’re being watched or touched.

If you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, expecting someone to be there, yet no one is, your mind may not be playing tricks on you. Your gut can often tell you when you’re not alone, even when you know you are physically alone in a house or apartment.

Similarly, and perhaps more terrifyingly, the feeling of being touched when no one is around can also point to a ghost. Some people get poked, scratched, or pushed. Others feel like something is tugging on their clothing, brushing their hair, or grabbing a hand. The feeling of being watched or touched can often be a sign that someone, or something, is trying to get your attention.

3Your pets are acting odd.

Like we saw with Adam Ellis’s cats, pets will often react to unseen forces. Dogs and cats can sense things we can’t, thanks to their heightened senses of smell, sight, and hearing. Your dog might be wary entering a specific room in your house, or perhaps he or she barks at nothing on a regular basis. Keep an eye on your pet. If they’re acting concerned, then perhaps you should be concerned as well.

4The appearance of unexplained shadows.

Dark mists, smoke, or shadow figures are huge indicators that something paranormal is going on. Whether they appear right in front of you, out of the corner of your eye, or even in photos or videos, odd shadows that cannot be easily replicated or explained might be a spirit stepping in to say hello.

5Unexplained sounds.

Unexplained sounds can range from single bumps or thumps to full-fledged footsteps or disembodied voices. Bumps and thumps can often be attributed to heating units or the settling of older homes. Therefore, don’t become immediately alarmed if you hear a single thud once in a while.

But when you begin to hear footsteps coming from another room when you’re home alone, or people talking or whispering (who aren’t your next door neighbors), then you might be dealing with some noisy invisible visitors.

6Objects disappear or are moved.

Depending on who, or what, is haunting your home, objects may not remain where you left them. Certain articles of clothing can disappear. Plates can fly off shelves if your haunt has an attitude. And doors can slam without the help of a breeze. When objects begin moving and disappearing, you know that this spirit has the ability to interact with physical things. Depending on what kind of spirit it is, this could be a problem. But if the ghost is simply playing little tricks and not trying to hurt or scare you, then you most likely have nothing to worry about.

7Electronic or battery-powered objects are on the fritz.

It is believed that ghosts are able to manipulate and drain electronic devices. Investigators often experience their cameras dying with a full battery. The thought is that spirits pull energy from these devices in order to manifest or communicate with investigators or homeowners.

Another way electricity relates to paranormal activity is via the electromagnetic field (EMF) of a “haunted” home. High EMF readings from faulty or aged wiring can actually affect the mentality of those living within the house. These spikes can cause hallucinations or the feeling of being watched. You can invest in your own EMF meter to clarify if you’re experiencing the affects of a strong electromagnetic field or a valid haunting.

8Your mood declines or your personality changes.

Like battery-powered objects, ghosts can also drain people of their energy. Spirits who had a difficult life may translate their pain to those who are sensitive enough to pick up on their energy, thus causing a person to fall into a depressive state. Possession is also something that can occur and can be detrimental to a person’s health. If you’ve noticed your own mood change or the mood of loved one change drastically, get a professional involved ASAP.

Get in contact with local paranormal investigators if you wish to get more information about your haunting. They may also be able to help you clear your home of paranormal activity or negative energy.