Jill Layton
April 30, 2015 11:01 am

Get ready to feel so many feelings about this story. A badly injured kitten was living on the streets of Istanbul among garbage. The kitten was missing an ear, had a deformed mouth, was infested with maggots and fleas, and had numerous infections, scabs and wounds. People passed by her every day, but no one ever helped — that is until a 7-year-old girl saw her and knew she couldn’t leave her behind. The girl’s father is a doctor, so she brought the kitten home to get it checked out. Together with a veterinarian, they began to treat the kitten.

Based on her injuries, the family assumed the kitten had been badly injured while defending herself from other animals on the street. We aren’t going to go into graphic details or include the sad and scary pictures of the cat in bad shape, but if you want to see them you can do that here.

Thanks to the loving and selfless little girl, the kitten finally had a safe place to sleep and was given the proper care to help her get healthy. She was given fluids, antibiotics, food and had lots of rest. After only a few weeks, she started to make a full recovery.

The little girl and her family fell in love with the kitten they rescued, as did the rest of the world. The story quickly went viral after the photos of the kitten’s recovery were posted on Imgur. The family decided to adopt her. They gave her the name Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles.” And then our hearts melted. The little girl has reminded us, and hopefully the world, how important it is to rescue animals who need rescuing. Now just look at these two besties.

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