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For many mothers, seeing their daughters walk down the aisle wearing the wedding gowns they once wore is a dream come true. But after Amber Davis — who dreamt of seeing her young daughter Nora one day wear her wedding dress — was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cervical cancer in 2014, she knew she wouldn’t live to see that day.

That’s why Amber asked her friend, photographer Heidi Spillane, if they could set up a photoshoot for Nora so she might at least be able see her daughter in the dress.

Sadly, Amber (a mother of three) died in July 2015, at age 27, without having the chance to see her daughter wear her dress. But Spillane, with support from Amber’s husband, Derek, decided recently to honor Amber’s memory by putting together the shoot.

And boy did they make it happen.

The shoot took place at the same location where Amber and Derek married five years ago, and was “natural and fun,” according to Nora’s aunt, Adrianne Blackwelder.

See more from the beautiful shoot in the video below:

It’s a stunning tribute to a woman who was clearly loved — and who adored her family.