The cast of 27 Dresses, specifically Katherine Heigl, Malin Akerman, James Marsden, and Edward Burns, just reunited for a special spread in Entertainment Weekly—11 whole years after the movie premiered. The four reflected on the 2008 rom-com, which follows Jane (Heigl), a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times and must contend with her sister’s impending nuptials to her own secret crush/boss (Burns). Among the most noteworthy revelations? Director Anne Fletcher is interested in a sequel—and Heigl has some thoughts for a potential plot.

27 Gender Reveal Parties? 27 Baby Showers? All plausible. During the interview, screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna also revealed that she had initially envisioned a completely different ending for the film, one that didn’t conclude with Jane’s wedding. “I actually always advocated for her to end up on her own,” McKenna told EW. ““I always wanted her to actually go on a date with someone that you felt was going to be a healthy date for her.”

Regardless, we’re all for a sequel (and another incoherent round of “Bennie and the Jets”).