Coachella season is upon us, and you know what that means — flower crowns, two weeks of boho-chic fashion flooding your Instagram feeds, and the queen, Beyoncé. If you’ve already bought your weekend passes, remember to activate your wristbands. If you didn’t snag a festival wristband or don’t even want one, have you heard about the Coachella parties?

Coachella parties are often mini-music festivals of their own. Others are simply pool parties at Palm Springs hotels with a couple DJs and a small entry fee. Some are after-parties that take place once the Coachella headliners leave the stage. The best thing about Coachella parties is that they have nothing to do with the festival itself, so you can hit up a weekend of parties without having to schlep to the actual festival. Or you could do a pool party by day and just head over to Coachella at night for the headliners. Tbh, when you see photos of celebrities at Coachella, it’s likely that they are not even at the festival but at Neon Carnival or some other festival-adjacent bash.

However, any Coachella party that includes a Jenner/Hadid is likely invite-only and VIP, but there are absolutely Coachella parties that you, a non-Jenner/Hadid, can swing by.

Here, a list of some of the more popular 2018 Coachella parties:

Day Club Palm Springs

Credit: Day Club Palm Springs/Hilton Hotel

Hosted at the Hilton Palm Springs, this mini-festival slash pool party actually features some of the artists playing at Coachella. Tickets start at $20.

Desert Gold

Credit: Ace Hotel

This pool slash music party at the ACE Hotel is FREE! You hear that? Free! More details here.

Anything at the Saguaro Hotel

The Saguaro Hotel hosts a series of events and parties spanning half the month of April. There’s RINSE (free before 2pm, $20 after), Beats & Brunch ($20), and Wicked Delight (free).


Credit: Basecamp

Basecamp is a campground for people who don’t want to camp on Coachella’s grounds, but it also has a lively party vibe with pools and after-parties. They even have a blow-dry bar. This is glamping at its finest. Check out overnight rates here.

Hard Rock Hotel

Credit: Hard Rock Hotel /

This isn’t an official party, but Hard Rock Hotel has pool parties every weekend, plus they have one of the few “nightclubs” in Palm Springs and will be open once Coachella closes its gates. Get more information here.