Vat19 just took self-care to a whole new level by creating a 2,000-pound bath bomb. We’re not exaggerating either.

Vat19 is a website dedicated to creating “curiously awesome gifts and videos,” and they recently uploaded a YouTube video where they built the world’s largest bath bomb and threw it into a pool. And yes, honey, it’s as satisfying to watch as it sounds.

First, they constructed a massive mold fit for a massive bath bomb using fiberglass. Then comes the actual ingredients to create the bath bomb, which consisted of 31 (yes, 31!) 50-pound bags of materials. In case you’re curious, the bags contained corn starch, citric acid, baking soda, and black dye to give the bath bomb color.

You know that giddy feeling you get when watching Antoni prepare a meal from fresh ingredients and Bobby renovate a drab house to something inspired on Queer Eye? Well, watching this bath bomb video is a lot like that, but intensified. Because, hello, it’s a 2000-pound bath bomb.

Credit: Vat19 /

But back to the video, the mega product was then carefully removed from the mold and rolled into the pool. And seriously, watching the pool fizz and slowly turn a black hue is alleviating all of our Monday anxieties.

Check out the bath bomb being made below.

We told you it was a satisfying video.

Now, if Sephora would consider stocking up on 2,000-pound bath bombs, our self-care Sundays would be taken to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL. Seriously, let’s make this happen. We’ll bring the novelty pool floats.