Guys, Christmas miracles do happen. This news story proves it:

David Haylock was six years old when he wrote a letter to Santa asking for a Rupert annual and “any toys you have to spare.” Seventy-odd years later, the spirit of Santa replied– in the form of builder Lewis Shaw and his brother and father.

The builders were working on David Haylock’s old family home in Caversham, England when they found David’s letter in the chimney, where he had left it decades before.

“We take down a lot of chimneys and we find the odd cigarette packet or newspaper. But when you find something so personal it touches your heart,” Shaw said. “Just reading the letter from a little lad – he didn’t ask for much, just the things he needed.”

In the letter Hayclock asked for a drum, a box of chalks, soldiers and Indians, slippers, a silk tie and a pencil box. (Seems downright quaint considering the fact that nowadays most kids ask for iPads!) Shaw bought each item and wrapped and presented them Haylock along with his letter.

Hayclock, now a grandfather, said his grandchildren were “amazed” by the discovery because they e-mail Santa.

“Seeing as it’s taken more than 70 years for the letter to get to Father Christmas, I think email is probably the best way,” Hayclock admitted. I’m not so sure. I, for one, still enjoy writing Santa a good ol’ fashion note– along with a plate of cookies and cold glass of milk!

(Image via Twitter)