Olivia Harvey
March 30, 2018 10:10 am
Kirn Vintage Stock/Corbis via Getty Images

Easter Sunday (which falls on April 1st this year) is best spent with friends, family, and a whole lot of food — and by food, we mean candy and chocolate. It’s a day to recount the story of Jesus’s resurrection as we remember that one should never lose hope, even in seemingly dire situations. Of course, you’re probably going to be posting a photo to Instagram to share your Easter well-wishes with friends and followers. So to help out, we’ve compiled some caption-worthy Easter quotes that will add a little spring to your Insta-step.

Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate Jesus Christ’s victory over death. His resurrection proved to his followers that he was the Son of God, therefore making his teachings valid. But Easter, as well as some of its most well-known symbols like eggs and rabbits, dates back to pagan times. Pagans celebrated Easter to honor the pagan Saxon goddess Eastre, and the idea of fertility and rebirth.

The pagan and Christian Easter celebrations were mashed into one as history developed, and we now celebrate Jesus’s rise while waiting for a giant bunny to come in the middle of the night and bless us with chocolate eggs. Yeah, it’s weird, but we love it.

If you’re planning on posting come Easter, feel free to borrow one of the quotes below to add as a caption to an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post. Your followers will be hoppy you did.

1This caption is reserved for Peep-lovers ONLY.

2When you’re doing your Easter basket dance.

3And we hope that somebunny gives us chocolate.

4Don’t let him get away!

5Are we crazy if we say it’s stress-relieving?

6And I just can’t hide it!

7Haha, but seriously what’s with the ears? And the tail?

8Note to all of our friends:

9When you need a little bit of inspiration to keep moving forward.

10Go with your gut on this one (your gut wants the mini eggs).

11It’s also okay to get a little aggressive about doing so.

12Womp womp.

13We need all the bunny kisses.

14P.S. Candy and money are the motivators.

15Caution: don’t read ahead if you haven’t finished the book!

16And a few jelly beans in each pocket.

17Jesus! You nutty Messiah!

We hope you guys have an awesome Easter, no matter how you celebrate. Save a couple eggs for us to find at the family egg hunt and we’ll be forever grateful.