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If you’ve been using the internet at all, you know Keeping Up With the Kardashians has brought us some top-notch memes. And while Kim’s crying faces are epic and Khloe’s perfectly timed one-liners are hilarious, it was Kris Jenner who stole the show on “meme day” at a Texas high school. Okay, so Kris didn’t actually show up to a high school’s “meme day,” but she did inspire 16-year-old Isaiah Garza to recreate one of her most meme-worthy moments.

According to BuzzFeed, Isaiah would often get comments on his Instagram saying he looked just like mama Jenner, so when he found out his school was having a “meme day,” he knew exactly what his meme would be. He found the perfect little black dress, gold hoop earrings, and a bunch of matching arm candy. And it’s safe to say he completely nailed Jenner’s.

Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it, Isaiah posted the finished meme project on Twitter with the caption:

And iconic he was!

He also attached a photo of the original Kris meme for comparison with the text, “Kim you’re doing amazing sweetie.”

At school, he asked someone to hold this sign in front of him while he recreated Jenner’s photo-taking pose.

Are you LOLing yet? Because we. can’t. stop.

In case you’ve forgotten, this ~iconic~ moment came from an episode of KUWTK in which Kim booked a nude photo shoot and took her mother Kris along for moral support. During the shoot, Kris decided to snap a few photos of her nude daughter and said the now-famous line.

Isaiah’s “meme day” recreation quickly went viral, and the internet had a lot to say.

And of course, it was only right to flip the famous line and acknowledge his own greatness.

When asked by Teen Vogue how he thinks this meme costume blew up so quickly he said “it’s still a mystery” to him, and he also hopes it will find its way to Kris herself one day. We hope so, too! Because Isaiah, you really are doing amazing, sweetie!