Hannah Baker’s tapes may have reached their final ears, but her story is far from over in these new photos from Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.

The second season of the surprise Netflix breakout series picks up just a few months after the end of Season 1, as the lawsuit between Hannah’s parents (Kate Walsh and Brian D’Arcy James) and Liberty High School heads to trial. But as Hannah’s classmates try to pick up the pieces following the events of the first season, they find themselves caught up in the lawsuit and accidentally stumble into a major conspiracy.

While much of Season 1 was guided by the tapes Hannah left behind, Season 2 will feature another story-driving device: mysterious polaroids. In the Season 2 premiere announcement teaser released earlier this week, polaroids played a pretty significant role, highlighting the dichotomy between how various leading characters are outwardly presenting themselves as opposed how they’re really feeling — from Clay continuing to grieve Hannah to Bryce’s predatory behavior.

With just a few weeks to go before Season 2 premieres on Netflix, the streaming platform released a series of new photos to give us just a glimpse of what to expect from the dramatic new season.

Hannah’s mom speaks to reporters after a day in court:

Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Showrunner Brian Yorkey recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the “driving engine” of Season 2 is the trial between the Bakers and Liberty High School.

Things are about to get messy for Tony:

Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Yorkey also revealed that during Season 2, Clay, Tony, and a number of their friends stumble into a mystery that has major implications at the trial. It seems this mystery might get a little messy for Tony (Christian Navarro), who looks distraught while being comforted by new character Caleb (R.J. Brown).

Jessica’s time in court is going to be pretty revealing:

Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

Thanks to the depositions at the end of Season 1, we already know Hannah’s classmates are heavily involved in the lawsuit between the Bakers and Liberty High School. But it looks like Jessica’s (Alisha Boe) emotional day in court is going to be pretty revealing, as she shows a cruel slut-shamming message on photos taken of her at a party.

Mr. Porter doesn’t hold back against Bryce:

Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

During the Season 1 finale, Clay gave Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) Hannah’s tapes, and assuming he listened to them, he knows all about Bryce (Justin Prentice). Yorkey revealed in March that in Season 2, Mr. Porter vows to do “whatever it takes” to protect his students. Does that mean he’ll be the one to bring Bryce down?

Hannah’s suicide continues to weigh heavily on Clay:

Credit: Beth Dubber/Netflix

It’s been made pretty clear that during Season 2, Clay (Dylan Minnette) is still trying to come to terms with Hannah’s death and the guilt he feels over not having been able to stop it. We already knew Katherine Langford would be reprising her role as Hannah Baker in Season 2, but based on this photo, is she appearing in Clay’s imagination?

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why will begin streaming on Netflix on May 18th.