Olivia Harvey
Updated Apr 03, 2019 @ 8:31 am
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Applebee's

This is not a drill: $1 strawberry margaritas are happening at Applebee’s for the entire month of April. That’s right—we said $1. They’re officially called the Strawberry Dollarita, and if you’re not already buckled into the passenger seat of your designated driver’s car, then hello? Go.

Applebee’s famously releases a new low-priced libation every month. In March, for example, the chain introduced the Rainbow Punch, a $2 St. Patrick’s Day green vodka drink made with ABSOLUT Vodka, and green apple, lemon, and ginger flavors. It was then topped with a candy rainbow. But this month, Applebee’s is doing one better and gifting us the Strawberry Dollarita. Served in a 10-ounce mug, the Dollarita is a fruity and frozen pink drink one can sip from a Twizzler straw (!). Summer is already here and ready to party.

We recommend you call ahead to your local Applebee’s location to make sure they’re participating in the $1 marg promotion. Your local restaurant may also only be serving the Dollarita during specific times of day. And, of course, drink responsibly: now’s the perfect time to use those Uber or Lyft credits you’ve been saving.

See you all at Applebee’s.