News Reporter Finds Her Own Son While Covering a Shooting at His School

She says her son was "the one who was telling me what was happening" as she reported on the lockdown.

It’s an assignment no journalist ever wishes to cover: a shooting at your child’s school. Fox News field reporter Alicia Acuna was sent to East High School in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, when police were called to the scene of a school shooting.

According to NPR, the shooter was 17-year-old student Austin Lyle, who opened fire on two school administrators while undergoing a routine morning weapon check. Colorado Public Radio’s Ben Markus told NPR Lyle “was on what they call a safety plan, meaning he was searched on a regular basis based on his past behavior.”

Acuna’s son is a student at East High School and was “the one who was telling me what was happening” while she was reporting live on air.

The mom was in the middle of her report when she spotted her son leaving school grounds, running towards her. Acuna quickly excused herself to go check-in with her son.

“Excuse me, my son just came up and I have not seen him. I’m sorry, I have not seen my kid since this all went down. Just really quick —,” Acuna told the camera before moving away from her mic and embracing her son on air.

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“He’s okay. He’s good,” Acuna assured viewers tuning in.

Also on the scene was Acuna’s niece, who during the lockdown took shelter in a closet. She was in communication with her mom, Acuna’s sister.

Lyle fled the scene, but was found later that day dead in nearby Park County, police officials confirmed to NPR.

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