This news about “Making a Murderer’s” Steven Avery appeal is bumming us out

Today we’ve learned that Steven Avery and fans of Making a Murderer will have to wait a few months longer for Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, to file Avery’s appeal. Sad.

According to a local news outlet in Wisconsin, TMJ4, Zellner, a powerful lawyer known for exonerating 17 men who were wrongfully convicted of crimes, and her team simply need more time due to the sheer abundance of information on Avery’s case.

According to TMJ4, and the court documents, Zellner wrote in the request, “The record totals 464 documents. Although counsel has worked diligently … it requires additional time to complete the brief in this case.”


Avery’s new attorney has requested a 90-day extension, which would mean that the appeal would be due by August 29th. The appeal was originally due to be filed today.

Zellner, who has an impressive resume, has been very vocal on Twitter about her belief that Manitowoc County set up Avery: false false false

Meanwhile, Ken Kratz, the prosecutor featured in the Netflix series, is writing a book about Avery’s case from his point of view. He said in an interview with TMJ4 that the book would be available in January.

We hope that the truth will soon come to light about Avery’s case.