We have validating news about all those fruits and veggies in your freezer

While fresh produce always seems healthier than frozen fruit and vegetables, that might not actually be the case. According to a report from the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, the assumption that fresh is better than frozen when it comes to nutrients may actually be wrong. That’s because some fresh fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value — with the two-year study finding that, “In some situations, frozen produce is more nutritious than its five-day fresh-stored counterpart.” So when the expense or quality of fresh produce has got you down, don’t overlook the frozen section.

For some reason, there’s a sort of guilt that goes along with the ease of throwing frozen fruits or veggies into a recipe, but apparently, they might be better for us!

Researchers studied broccoli, cauliflower, corn, green beans, green peas, spinach, blueberries, and strawberries in three different conditions — fresh, frozen, and under typical storage conditions (five days in the refrigerator).

Most of the time, the nutrients in all of the storage variations were the same. But if there was a difference, the frozen was more nutritious than the produce kept in the fridge for five days.

If you go to a farmer’s market or a produce stand and you plan on eating the fruits and veggies right away, then you should be all good. But if you’re buying food at a supermarket for the week, then maybe you should start in the frozen aisle first.

While this isn’t brand new information, if this report has you looking to change your shopping habits, Men’s Health has a list of the best fruits and vegetables to buy frozen that will help you get all the nutrition you want from a totally surprising source.

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