Sorry guys, but we have some bummer Chipotle news

When it’s too late to thaw chicken and too early to drive to Denny’s for their all-night, trusty breakfast specials, where do we go? CHIPOTLE, that’s where. Burritos the size of newborns, bowls big enough to feed a pack of wolves, ultra-generous globs of the finest guac in the universe (probably), Chipotle is our delicious go-to. And we never really feel THAT badly about it, because they use the freshest ingredients! Food “with integrity” is their “commitment”! It’s organic and sustainable! But is Chipotle GOOD for us? Not exactly.

The New York Times just published an article with a startling (but not really all that surprising infographic (along with tempting photos of nom-worthy Chipotle meals and their nutritional value) that shows just how many calories we’re consuming when we go to town on a Chipotle burrito. These numbers are curated from 3,000 meals in 1,800 GrubHub orders from July to December of 2012 and taken from Chipotle locations in Washington D.C. and Lansing, Michigan. An order from Chipotle is around 1,070 calories (typically), which is definitely over half of the recommended calories we should consume in a day (which is around 1,600 to 2,400). And this isn’t even the worst part.

The amount of salt in an order (if you get cheese and guac and meat) is an entire day’s worth. The saturated fat levels are at 75%, which is insane. But I mean, you ARE eating rice, cheese, grilled steak/chicken/pork/soy substitute, guac, tortillas, and sour cream—did we REALLY expect anything different to come from this?

But don’t worry, Chipotle fan-humans. Healthier options DO exist. The veggie bowl, for instance, is only 535 calories and contains 60% and 46% of your daily saturated fat and sodium, respectively. Steak crispy tacos are 535 calories and have 60% and 25% of your daily saturated fat and sodium content, so not ALL is lost (or severely tragic).

Will this information stop me from gobbling up burrito after burrito from Chipotle? Hell to the no. I strictly live a #NoRegrets lifestyle, but if you are a little scared by these numbers, consider making your own Chipotle dinner at home.

(Images via Chipotle, New York Times)