These news anchors just reenacted the first ‘Friends’ scene, shot for shot

GOOD NEWS, AUSTRALIA. As of right now, you can stream all 236 episodes of Friends on the streaming site, Stan. This is the best news, because if you remember when Friends dropped onto Netflix last January, many disappeared for a few days for one super-binge. Now you can, too! And in celebration of that, some of Aussie’s Channel 9 newscasters have even gone ahead and recreated the very first scene of the very first episode of Friends, complete with Rachel wearing a wedding dress.

Calling it the “all-new (but not really improved) Friends” six of the anchors dressed head to toe in early ’90s fashion, including Monica’s suspenders, and recreated word-for-word the beginning of the pilot. Gotta say, they certainly known their Friends, as Ross waves his arms around in the air like a frantic Kermit the frog, and then stumbles over his words as soon as Rachel walks in. And the show’s entertainment editor totally nails it as Joey with his “how you doin’?”

Not only did they recreate the scene, but they also recreated Central Perk, too. If you happen to be in Australia, it’s currently set up at Sydney’s Hyde Park and will be open until October 18th where you, too, can get a picture on the iconic orange couch (but it’s not THE orange couch, since that’s currently living in Los Angeles).

The news team is sad that they didn’t get to do more of the show, but with all 326 episodes now streaming, they’re hoping they get a chance to take another crack it. Seriously, these people are Friends SUPERFANS. In the meantime, watch a clip from their Friends redux below and check out their extended, serious, no-joke reenactment in its entirety here.

(Image via NBC/Channel 9)


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