News anchors everywhere can’t stop buying this $20 dress from Amazon — and now it’s sold out

Move over Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants — there’s a new garment in town. A group of women news anchors from across America are all buying the same $20 dress from Amazon. Perhaps each newscaster in the group loves a good bargain. Maybe the dress is a universally flattering design.

But since a member of a Facebook group dedicated to female news anchors posted the deal, at least 40 anchors have worn it on the air. The dress is becoming less of a fashion statement and more of a form of pen pal-ship.

ABC 10 Sacramento anchor, Frances Wang, posted a map on her Facebook page showing how much airtime this dress has gotten.

And the number of newscasters wearing this number (available in multiple flattering shades) keeps increasing. More of Wang’s peers are posting themselves wearing the dress in the comments section of her post.

Wang talked to Today Style about the dress and said, "It’s girly but it’s also very feminine. It’s flattering at the waist...there’s a little cut at the top at the neckline, but it’s not too low."

The garment is professional but cute and summery.

The sad news is that this dress got so popular among the newscasters that it’s currently sold out on Amazon. It’s officially called the Sidefeel Women Short Sleeve Sweet Scallop Pleated Skater Dress and, according to Amazon, its restock date has yet to be announced.

We hope that every news anchor in the country was able to snag this dress before it sold out. We’re now keeping our eyes peeled during our local newscast to see if we can spot the famous dress in action.

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