These newlywed husbands can’t remember their wives’ wedding dresses and we’re cringe-laughing

If you’re a recent bride, congrats! But also, this: it’s fine to continue fawning over your gorgeous wedding dress, but don’t get pissed if your significant other already forgot that your lace appliqué frock matched the cake. Seriously, just watch Cosmo‘s video of newlywed husbands describing their wives’ wedding dresses and try to ease up on side-eyeing your guy so hard because other people not recalling everything about your wedding day is actually one of the things no one tells you about wedding planning. Sure, the big day is full of thrills, but thinking back on it can often feel like one big blur.

We know, we know: How *could* he forget the magical moment in which you floated down the aisle as a lacy vision in…wait, what color was your wedding dress again? We honestly can’t recall, and neither can the guys in this clip who had no effin’ clue what their wives’ wedding dresses looked like even though they were married THREE weeks ago.

As one guy in the video stated, wedding days are full of activity, which is a gentle reminder that brides shouldn’t be  dismayed by the forgetfulness. It doesn’t mean you accidentally mistook this person for someone you should marry; it just means that the person you exchanged vows with is *so* into you that they would’ve agreed to spend a lifetime together regardless of what you were wearing.