The newest way to propose is with a ring hidden inside of a bath bomb

It seems like engagement proposals are getting more creative every year. While some opt for an extravagant gesture, like planning a choreographed routine or programming a Super Mario Bros. game, others may want to do something more intimate — like organize a very romantic bubble bath. A company called Pearl Bath Bombs took the idea of unique wedding proposals and paired it with the current bath bomb beauty trend. Imagine dropping a bath bomb into your tub and discovering a ring inside! It’s cute (AND much safer than if a ring was hidden inside of a cheeseburger.)

The idea for Pearl Bath Bombs came to be when Tessa Medlock’s fiancé proposed to her with a ring hidden inside of a DIY bath bomb. When word spread of her extraordinary engagement, others wanted their own ring bath bombs. According to the website, each one comes with a gold, rose gold, or silver-plated ring, plus a redemption code that gives you the chance to win a ring valued at $100, $1,000, or $5,000.

The bath bombs are made in the USA with natural ingredients. They start at about $15, so while they may not contain expensive bling, it’s still a super cute way to pop the question.

There’s even one inspired by Game of Thrones!


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