Behold: Starbucks’ newest, greatest holiday drink

Regardless of your feelings about the Starbucks holiday cup, I think we can all agree that warm drinks in chilly weather are the best. I live in Los Angeles and drink iced coffee year-round so I LOVE when there’s a chill in the air (it totally happens sometimes, I swear) and I can actually grab a hot drink from Starbucks.

Even more of a reason to swing by your local Starbucks? The coffee company just announced their new drink for the holiday season: the Teavana Gingerbread Tea Latte.

Yes. Please.

This is the perfect addition to Starbucks’ holiday menu. Coffee drinks aren’t for everyone and I have trouble with the overly-sweet lattes of Starbucks’ past so I am super psyched about this gingerbread tea latte. Mmmm.

According to Delish, it’s made with a combination of Teavana Royal English Breakfast tea, some gingerbread flavors, and cinnamon spice. Sooooo, it basically sounds like a dream tea latte and it will (I’m sure) pair well with all the pies I intend on baking this holiday season.

Another holiday drink you may want to try if you need more caffeine, is the Holiday Spice Flat White. According to USA Today, the drink contains “shots of the company’s Christmas blend espresso and a blend of mulling spices.” Sounds pretty festive (and delicious) to us! Both are now available.

(Image from Starbucks)