Newer Music, Older Sound

Am I the only one that loves newer music that has an older sound?

I’ve wanted to start a series for a while now, so I’ve been brainstorming ideas on what it could be about. Entertainment? Movies and TV? Music? I’ve decided to go with random musings because life is random and so are my thoughts. My sister just told me that she read my random tweets out loud with my cousin and aunt making fun of how weird I am. (Thanks guys!)

I always wonder if others feel the same way or like the same things as me. So the “Am I the Only One?” series will focus on all of those things. Also, I randomly get the Dierks Bentley song stuck in my head- “Am I the only one that wants to have fun tonight?”

Starting off the series with a music topic. I love oldies and new music, but I also love new music that sounds old. Growing up, my parents mostly listened to late 60’s and 70’s music. So when I hear oldies, I think of music from bands like The Allman Brothers, Steve Miller Band and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They didn’t play music from the 50’s and early 60’s. Of course, I have some of the classics, but along the years I’ve added some newer bands that have that classic older sound. These artists create a musical time machine allowing me to travel back to a different decade.

Here are five songs/artists that give me that feel:

The Postelles- ‘123 Stop’

The Postelles hail from New York and definitely have that catchy pop-retro vibe. I discovered the band back in 2010 when they opened up at a fun. and Steel Train show. I fell in love with ‘White Night’ and ‘Looking Glass’. This song is off their old record, but they have a new record, …And It Shook Me, coming out April 23!

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside- ‘Party Kids’

This band was recently introduced to me. Sallie and the guys are retro rockers from Portland. She says, “It’s time for a girl to infiltrate the boys world of rock n roll and grab it by the balls. To me rock n roll isn’t a genre, it’s an energy.” She seems pretty badass. (p.s. I’m told she loves HelloGiggles, which is awesome!) This song is off their new record, Untamed Beast, that came out this past February.

Hellogoodbye- ‘Coppertone’

I’ve been a fan of Hellogoodbye’s lovable pop tunes since my high school days. This song is off their latest record, Would It Kill You?. It quickly became my favorite song from them. I just picture one of those music videos with an Instagram filtered look, set on a California beach with everyone in 50’s inspired bathing suits. (Someone take me back to Cali!)

She & Him- ‘Don’t Look Back’

I bet you guys have heard of She & Him– a little band with one of the HelloGiggles’ cofounders Zooey D. and M. Ward. This song is actually one of my favorites from them. And I love how the video reminds me of the Carousel of Progress in Disney World. “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!”

Matt Costa- ‘Witchcraft’

Matt has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. A few years ago, I met him in Montauk. (too bad this wasn’t an Eternal Sunshine kinda thing..I would totally want to date and not erase him.) He was incredibly sweet. His records always remind me of oldies bands. I bet he was inspired by The Beatles when he wrote ‘Oh Dear’. Matt has a new self-titled record out, but this song is from his last record, Mobile Chateau.

Alia Shawkat- S.O.G. Burning in Hell

Okay, so I wanted to give you one extra song. When Steel Train released their last self-titled album, they also released Terrible Thrills Vol. 1. It featured all the record’s songs sung by female artists. Jack Antonoff, the band’s lead singer, always felt like his songs were written for a female vocalist. Actress Alia Shawkat sings this version of ‘S.O.G.’ and totally changes the vibe of the song. I love it!

Those are just some artists that give me that old fashioned, classic feel. Do you like any newer music that has an older sound?

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