A New Zealand town wants YOU to move there, but there’s serious competition

Among all the beautiful places to visit in the world, New Zealand is near the top of the list. And if you’ve ever wanted to go there, now might be the perfect time! Apparently there’s a lot of agricultural job vacancies in the small hilly town of Kaitangata, and not enough workers to fulfill the demand. It was previously stated in the news that the Mayor was offering relocation packages for people to move there, in the sizable sum of $165,000. That would obviously be a dream come true.

However this was a rushed assumption, and it turns out to not quite be correct. BUT there is good news! There are numerous jobs that need skilled workers in Kaitangata, and local dairy farmer Evan Dick is offering house and land packages for the exact amount of $165,000. So for anyone who’s interested, Kaitangata is absolutely the place to be! Unsurprisingly, the Mayor has been flooded with thousands of messages since this news broke out, and people are genuinely considering moving to New Zealand to take advantage of the exciting offer in Kaitangata. false false

The small town is located in the area of the country known as Clutha, and is known for a safe environment, beautiful beaches, and an off-the-main-road feel, despite being less than an hour from a major airport. The county’s website touts it as an especially good place for families. If you’ve always wanted that small-town feel without being landlocked, it might be the perfect fit!

If you are looking for a new adventure in a gorgeous location, we suggest reading up on New Zealand and Kaitangata before purchasing a plane ticket, just to be as informed about the country and town as possible. When you’re ready you can visit this site for more information, and kickstart a plan into action (just be aware that, since this story went global, there’s a lot of people who want to do the same)! And yes, it includes where to send your job application.