What to expect for New York City weather during today’s bomb cyclone

Well, it’s official: There’s a bomb cyclone coming to New York City today, Friday, March 2nd. What began as a nor’easter threatening heavy winds, rain, snow, and coastal flooding has officially “bombed out” into a bomb cyclone. What does that mean, exactly? Winter Storm Riley is undergoing bombogenesis, a.k.a. experiencing a drop in atmospheric pressure of at least 24 millibars over 24 hours or less. A “bomb cyclone” is a scary-sounding way to say that it’s going to storm. A lot.

So, what will the New York City weather be like during today’s bomb cyclone? In a word: wet. This morning, the Weather Channel reported snow mixing with rain in the NYC area. If you’ve been outside or glanced out the window, you can attest that this is indeed true. How long is it expected to last? Unfortunately, Storm Team 4 NY reports that the wet New York City weather isn’t easing up anytime soon. The snow is expected to stop by early afternoon, but the rain will endure well into the night. It’s going to be a wet, windy, and wintery day. News anchors and meteorologists advise you to stay inside.

Here’s a look at the New York City weather forecast for New York City for Friday, March 2nd. We’re through the “Wet & Windy” phase, now preparing for a “Messy Midday” mood and winds that could reach near 60 mph. We don’t even want to think about the weather being “Still Nasty” at 7 p.m.

But if you live in New York City, you probably won’t have to worry about too much snow accumulation.

The further north you go, the more snow you’ll find.

Winter Storm Riley is no joke.

If you’re traveling today or this weekend on the East Coast, be advised that your flight could be canceled.

Stock up on storm supplies and stay safe out there!

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