The best comfort movies to watch on Netflix when you’re hungover on New Year’s Day

We all look forward to New Year’s Eve: the parties, the ball dropping, the champagne, the parties. But the one part of that whole equation we constantly forget is the morning after. No, we’re not talking about New Year’s Day festivities.

We’re talking about the inevitable hangover. And while we’re never going to hit the point where we in any way look forward to a hangover, we are kind of looking forward to one of our coping strategies. Namely, we’re looking forward to laying on our couch and easing our pain with some great hangover-friendly movies.

So, if you too are anticipating a New Year’s Day filled with some headaches and nausea, here’s a list of movies available on Netflix to take the decision making process off of your to-do list. All you need is some greasy delivery food (obvs) and your comfiest clothes, and you too can survive New Year’s Day.


If you haven’t seen it, you’re so missing out. Moana is a fierce heroine you won’t be able to get enough of, and the movie will make you feel uplifted and ready to turn over a new leaf on the second day of 2018, even if — at the moment — the only thing you feel turning is your stomach.

2Bridget Jones’s Diary

The prime early 2000s rom-com, Bridget Jones’s Diary, is both the happy ending we all need when we’re feeling defeated and it’s, like, Jane Austen…so it’s totally cultural. Plus, Bridget struggles throughout a lot of the movie, so you’ll feel alright struggling too.

313 Going on 30

Two words: Mark. Ruffalo. Yeah, that’s really all you need.

4Sing Street

If you love Begin Again (which isn’t on this list, but could be, so consider that one a bonus), you’ll be all in for Sing Street. Musicals are sometimes exactly what you need and sometimes exactly not, so depending on the state of your head, you’re going to have to make the call that’s best for you…But we highly recommend giving Sing Street a chance! It follows a young boy growing up in ’80s Dublin who joins a band to impress a girl — and it’s 100% delightful.

5The Cheetah Girls

Nostalgia? Bangers? Raven-Symoné? The Cheetah Girls were there for you as a tween, and they’ll be there for you now that you’ve learned that shots are only your friend in the moment.

6High School Musical

Another nostalgia watch guaranteed to please! Plus, there’s the added joy in seeing baby Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens — now that they’ve hit the ~big~ time.

7Sleeping with Other People

Sleeping with Other People is the best rom-com you’ve maybe never heard of. It’s a Netflix original starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis as two adults who re-meet years later after losing their v-cards to one another in college. It’s charming and smart and funny and a little bit sad in a good, relatable kind of way — but, of course, it comes with a happy ending.

8Queen of Katwe

If you want to really remind yourself how much of your life you waste being hungover on the couch (we’re not judging, we’ve been there), Queen of Katwe is a truly excellent film about a young Ugandan girl living in a slum in Katwe who becomes a Chess Master. It’s also critically acclaimed and beloved, so when you spend your day watching it, youwould have just watched a feel-good film, and made your mark as an aficionado working down your movie list.

9Free Willy

Have we mentioned nostalgia? Because when every part of your body hurts, sometimes you need to remember simpler times when your biggest grape-related concern was a juice box rather than a truly excessive amount of wine.


Okay but this one is also super relevant because with the word that Disney is buying Fox, Anastasia becomes a Disney princess, right? So it’s like current events, but sweet and comforting and filled with enough songs you half-remember to distract you from the hangover.

11Mean Girls

Because nothing will ever make you happy like Mean Girls makes you happy.

Happy watching!

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