This DIY cake topper will impress everyone at your New Year’s Eve party

How can it be nearly 2015 already? It always feels like the years fly by, but this one felt especially fast. And after the rush of the holidays, New Year’s Eve feels like the perfect time to stop and reflect on time that has passed, and look forward to the future.

Of course, nothing says you can’t reflect over a piece of cake. If you’re making a sweet treat for your NYE bash, dress it up with this cute little cake topper. The banner-like construction gives the topper a quirky look, while the rhinestones add a necessary dose of sparkle. You could easily make this same type of cake topper for another event, too—imagine how sweet it would look with a birthday girl’s name on it, or even just a celebratory “Yay!”


  • Piece of cardboard
  • Piece of paper
  • Rhinestone-embellished ribbon
  • Thin satin ribbon
  • One 12-inch long wooden dowel
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Optional: washi tape

Craft away:

  • Write “2015!” on the paper in 1 1/4-inch high block letters. You can either do this by hand, or print out characters.
  • Trim the block of text out of the paper, and glue it onto the cardboard. Let dry.
  • Cut out the individual numbers and the exclamation point.
  • Glue the rhinestone-embellished ribbon to each character. Note: if your ribbon is, like mine, composed of two strands of rhinestones, you may need to trim it in half to fit it to the characters. Let dry.
  • Measure and cut a 20-inch piece of satin ribbon.
  • Arrange the characters along the center of the ribbon, and glue them down, attaching the ribbon to the tops of the backs of the characters. Let dry.
  • Cut the dowel in half.
  • If you are using washi tape, wrap each piece of dowel in the tape.
  • Tie each end of the ribbon to a piece of dowel. Leave about 2 1/2-inches of space between the numbers and the dowels. Trim the ends of ribbon.
  • To arrange your decoration on top of a cake, simply push the dowels through the frosting.
  • Celebrate the new year in sweet style!
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