Important news: This YA book might be the next ‘Hunger Games’

So we know we’re getting more John Green film adaptations. We know we’ll be first in line to see the rest of the Divergent and Hunger Games sequels. But those are movies and we’re wondering, what YA book or series will be the next to capture our hearts and turn everyone into total fangirls?

If we had to guess, our money is on Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s The Square Root of Summer. The novel sparked an all-out bidding war between major book publishers, with eight publishers looking to snatch up the rights. In the end, Macmillan beat out the other bidders and signed six-figure, two-book deal with the author. Reuter Hapgood is a London-based journalist whose e-novella Last Christmas was published in December 2013.

To be completely honest, we’re just happy a deal got signed because we need to get our hands on this book ASAP. The Hollywood Reporter describes Reuter Hapgood’s debut YA novel as a “a contemporary YA romance with a time-travel twist.” But time travel isn’t the only awesome thing we know about The Square Root of Summer. The novel’s protagonist is 17-year-old girl named Gottie Oppenheimer. Gottie is a physics prodigy who spends her summer dealing with her own broken heart, while still finding time to explore the space-time continuum. We have a strong feeling that Gottie might just be our next favorite YA heroine. Is wrong to already start thinking of who will star in the movie adaptation?

The only downside to The Square Root of Summer is its release date; the book won’t hit shelves until May 2016. But we have a feeling this teen scientist will be worth the wait.

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