This new “X-Files” trailer is the stuff of nerd-dreams

Jan 24 could not come fast enough. That is, of course, when X-Files returns to Fox for its six-episode run and no one could more excited than us. For years, we’ve been wondering what Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) have been up to, and now we know. Well… almost. The just-released trailer appears to be as promising as ever, with mystery, and intrigue, and hotter-than-hot Mulder at the helm of it all… with hotter-than-hot Scully, of course.

We know, how many remakes of shows can there be? But this one’s a must-see that we’re fangirling over, and you should be, too.

In the trailer, it seems as though Smoking Man (William B. David), aka one of the best villains ever, is back. “We have a small problem,” he says onscreen. “They’re reopened the X-Files.” Uh-oh. Is your curiosity peaked as much as ours?

Also in the trailer, Mulder says, “Are you ready for this?” Scully replies, “I don’t know there’s a choice.” We couldn’t agree more.

So, are you ready? NBD—you still have eight days to catch up on all the old X-Files eps on Netflix. Yes, only 202 of them—just in case all nine seasons are not tattooed inside your mind like they are in ours. Then again, we’ll probably watch the old eps again, too, because is it Jan. 24 yet?! But, if you’re a procrastinator or you don’t have that kind of time, you can always check out this 21-minute cheat-sheet, X-Files: Reopened.

In case you haven’t set your DVR yet, X-Files premieres on Fox in a two-parter, Jan. 24 and 25 at 10/9 c.

Once again, we’re ready, Mulder and Scully. We’re ready.

You can check out the new trailer here:

Creator Chris Carter also hinted that this isn’t necessarily the end of the X-Files. “If we do well in the ratings, I can’t imagine we wouldn’t be asked to do more,” he said.

Best. News. Ever.

Image via YouTube

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