And here’s 15 seconds of brand new ‘X-Files’ footage

With the X-Files coming back to TV, it’s a situation where, like, if you believe in something enough, it will come true. And, we believe so much. We don’t just want to believe, WE DO, and now look what’s happened. We’re getting six brand new episodes that will follow Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) on their quest for the truth.

Details about the revival are being kept super hush-hush, but we have been given a run down of who we’ll see again (like, the Cigarette Smoking Man) and who’s brand new on this X-Files adventure (hello, Joel McHale). Now, along with all of all of that, Fox has released a brand new trailer that partly fills the giant X-Files hole in our heart. It only partly fills the hole, because the trailer is only 15-seconds long, but hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Besides, these 15 seconds are chock full of our favorite things. Like, lights! People holding lights! People holding flashlights! And, a staple shoutout to “I want to believe.” Plus, a super quick shot of Mulder peeking around the corner — we totally see you, buddy — and Scully being awesome, as if she could ever be anything else.

Are you ready for this? Check out the trailer below, and continue to mentally prepare yourself for its return. X-Files arrives back in our lives on January 24th.

(Image via Fox)


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