14 things we’d like to see from the new ‘Wonder Woman’ series

Good news for Wonder Woman fans, she’s coming back! It was announced at New York Comic Con over the weekend that Wonder Woman‘s getting a mini-reboot, with a brand new digital series titled Wonder Woman ’77, based on the ’70s TV show staring Lynda Carter. The first new digital issue will be released through DC Comics in December, and will be followed by weekly digital episodes, which will be translated into print come 2015.

For all those shy comic fans out there who love the movies and TV shows dominating our airwaves, but haven’t really gotten into the actual reading of the comics, this might be a great place to start. I mean, for one, it’s going to feature Wonder Woman. What more could you even need? Plus, since it’s going to be based off of Carter’s Wonder Woman, you can bet that she’ll be portrayed as a strong, determined and resourceful female (though we have some modernized suggestions for her.) Pulling from what we know about the TV show, and about her human alter-ego, Diana Prince, here’s what we’d like to see in this new updated version:

1. Is it asking too much for an updated costume?

The short shorts. The barely there top. Yes, it’s her iconic costume, and yes she’s always going to have the red, white and blue stars and stripes, but maybe not such short shorts? Maybe they could take a page out of the new Batman and Superman movie and give her look a little tweak?

2. Then, the costume transformation

Carter’s spin to get into her Wonder Woman costume is kind of iconic. It actually originated for the TV show, and the writers and artists of Wonder Woman liked it so much they included it in future comic issues. She spins so fast she is literally able to changes outfits, a superpower I think we all secretly wish for.

3. Keep Wonder Woman an Amazon Princess

Wonder Woman is originally from Paradise Island, where all the Amazons live. She is a princess on this island. Her mom is the queen. I think it’s kind of important to make this point, so when young girls say, “I want to be a princess when I grow up!” they could in fact be talking about becoming Wonder Woman. I think this is a win-win for everyone. Also she has a tiara that is also a boomerang, and that’s awesome.

4. An updated time period

The television show came out in 1974, but it was actually set during the 1940s. Most of the villains were Nazis. By the time the second season rolled around, it had made a time jump to the future and was set in the 1970s. Time for another time jump. Doesn’t necessarily need to be the here and now of today, but at least bring her into the 21st Century.

5. An entire fleet of invisible transportation

The coolest thing about Wonder Woman is her invisible plane. I don’t just want her to have an invisible plane any more, I want her to have an invisible car, and an invisible motorcycle, and an invisible boat and probably an invisible helicopter, too. Her plane was important for the WW II setting of the TV show, but with an updated time period, she’s going to need more options for transportation.

6. More bullet-proof outerwear.

Second coolest thing about Wonder Woman is her golden bullet-proof deflecting cuffs. But just like her new invisible motorcade, maybe she should expand to different bullet proof things, like maybe bullet-proof boots?

7. An appearance from Wonder Girl.

Wonder Woman has a younger sister, Wonder Girl. In the TV show, she was played by a young Debra Winger. Every heroine needs a sidekick with them for tough situations.

8. Keep Wonder Woman non-violent

It was definitely due to the time the show originally aired on television, but Wonder Woman rarely ever kicked, punched or even killed anyone (except, a clone of Hitler). I think it’s pretty cool that she’s able to save the day, and does so without much harm to others, you know?

9. She can still telepathically talk to animals

Always one of the coolest superpowers around, and not just because we all wanted to be Eliza Thornberry as kids. In the third season of the show, Wonder Woman can now communicate with animals. In the comics, this is called her “mental radio” but either way I’m going to call it “cool.”

10. A real, stable love interest

For the TV show, Wonder Woman had an on-again, off-again relationship with a general named Steve, but then during the time jump, met his son and formed a friendship with him—never a romantic relationship. Let’s set-up  Wonder Woman with a person she can really rely on, and love. And no, don’t make it be another superhero. Make it a regular Joe (or Josephine), like, say, her friendly Starbucks barista.

11. More Wonder Woman skateboarding

Are you now very intrigued as to what exactly was happening on this ’70s TV show?

12. A new release of Wonder Woman merchandise

And not just boring merchandise, like your standard Wonder Woman Barbie doll or a lasso you can purchase. No, take it up a notch, and promote Wonder Woman like Batman who we literally see on every street corner right now. It’s about time she got the same kind of dedication as her friend, Bruce.

13. More Nicola Scott!

She’s the artist that has been tapped to do the cover designs for each issue. But, we should be getting more of her, because her work is fabulous, and she’s a female artist in the comic industry, which means she’s still considered kind of a unicorn. More of her, please.

14. Just like a tiny little smidgen of feminist commentary, please?

Sadly, Wonder Woman has always been viewed as a sex symbol (aside from Ms. Magazine’s appropriation of her as a feminist hero.) Blame the costume. So you know, it wouldn’t be all that awful for her to be sporting a more refined updated costume and maybe encourage young girls to proudly wear whatever they choose, and also to be strong and independent and speak their mind. I hope that’s not asking too much.

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