There’s a new Wonder Woman trailer and it looks dark and amazing

It is an epic day for DC universe lovers everywhere. The official trailer for Wonder Woman is here and it is as gloriously action-packed and intense as we hoped. Thanks to previously released film trailers, we already had a strong idea of what this movie would be like. But every second of this new trailer is packed with excitement that makes us wish the movie were coming out, like, tomorrow.

Between seeing beautiful glimpses of her home in Themyscira (aka Paradise Island) to dark moments reminding us of the destructive power of humanity, the trailer alone has us feeling all sorts of emotions.

Oh, and she deflects a bunch of bullets in an alleyway to protect Chris Pine using her reflexes and her Bracelets of Submission because of course she does.

Hearing Diana herself say, “It is our sacred duty to defend the world” while seeing her kick some serious bad guy butt is totally awe-inspiring.

The images in the trailer itself are incredibly powerful. From the glowing Lasso of Truth to her confidently deflecting oncoming bullets in slow motion to wreaking havoc on villains with her powerful sword of Athena, we seriously cannot stop watching this mesmerizing trailer.

Plus, we got three new posters to go along with the trailer that feature the perfect Wonder Woman-themed phrases like “Courage,” “Power,” and “Wonder.”

We still have to wait until June of 2017 for the film to premiere, but at least we’ve got some awesome new entertainment to keep us occupied until then.

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