This new Whopper is so hot, it comes on a bright red bun

Sorry, Inside Out‘s Anger. You’re going to have to share your unique red appearance with a new Burger King menu option.


But believe us buddy, it’s totally worth it. This delicious doozy of an item will definitely make that red hue of yours proud.

The “Angry Whopper” is the latest new experimental item you can now find at Burger King restaurants throughout the United States. The burger itself is stacked with all the goodness you expect from a typical BK Whopper, including flame-grilled beef, thick cut bacon, and onion petals. But what makes it so “angry” are the other spicy additions you’ll also find, including a generous portion of jalapeños and hot sauce slathered between every layer.

Even with all the delicious inner goodness, it’s the baked-in hot sauce in the bun that gives it that distinctive red color and really sets this spicy burger off (in the good way). Heat-seekers brave enough to try it will find their mouths overwhelmed with both overwhelmingly good taste and a fiery aftertaste that will not disappoint.

Because, after all, a little controlled anger once in a while is actually pretty awesome to experience.


This is not the first time in recent memory that Burger King has experimented with the colors of their buns. Just last September, they rolled out the limited-time-only “Halloween Whopper” with black buns (made from baked in A1 Sauce).

Like the Halloween Whopper, this Angriest Whooper is only available for a limited time. So make sure to go try it out while you can. Otherwise, you may regret it. And that anger could turn to a totally different (more difficult to console) emotion.