We have a new ‘Walking Dead’ trailer and our hearts are racing

Who knew 30 seconds could be packed with so much action? AMC’s The Walking Dead released the trailer for its midseason premiere and we can’t tell if it’s making us excited or worried.

Probably an even mix of both. Much of the footage wasn’t new to dedicated fans, but there was a particular moment that stuck out. Be prepared for some spoilers.

As Cinema Blend points out, fans of the comics know that the scene immediately following where the first half left off is a big one, with Jessie getting consumed by the walkers and grabbing onto Carl. Rick steps in, bringing down the hatchet and (literally) separating Jessie from his son. This is the moment we (think) we saw during the final few seconds of the trailer. At least, Rick is definitely swinging down something.

However, it’s still likely that the show will stray from the book, choosing a different person to get the chop, or going in a different direction entirely. Whatever they choose, it already feels like we’ve been away from season six for far too long. When we dive back in on February 14th (happy Valentine’s Day!) we’ll at least be able to brace ourselves.

Watch the trailer below!


(Image via AMC)