New Tunes for the New Year

Last year, music supervisor and Head of Sync at Crush Management, Jackie Shuman, shared her “V-Day Playlist That Doesn’t Suck” with us. 2014 is a new year and with that comes new dreams, hopes, and MUSIC! You’ve opened your presents and maybe some champagne…time to open your ears to Jackie’s playlist of New Tunes for the New Year:  

  1. St. Lucia – “Elevate”: This is easily one of the best and most uplifting songs of 2013. I see good things coming for these South African geniuses in the new year!
  2. John Newman – “Love Me Again”: I’m always curious to hear what’s charting in other countries.  My subscription to Billboard magazine helps out a lot with this. I read about John’s UK success in a recent issue and his EP blew me away.  He’s touring soon with a female artist we manage who is equally awesome, LOLO.
  3. Charlie XCX – “You – Ha Ha Ha”: My colleague David listens to Charlie XCX regularly in the office. I couldn’t resist the addicting sample throughout the song!
  4. Joywave – “Tongues” feat. Kopps: Joywave is one of those bands I’ve been hearing people talk about all year, and rightfully so. Blogs love them…lots of amazing remixes of this song out there too.
  5. Deidre & the Dark – “Classic Girl”: This ditty is actually a couple years old but I was reintroduced to it after hearing it in a commercial.  Nothing makes me happier re-imagined 60s pop and handclaps. Nothing. 
  6. Betty Who – “You’re In Love”: Betty Who blew me away at CMJ this year…her show was way past my bed time but I stayed up and I’m so glad I did.  She is the next big pop star…you heard it here first.
  7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “If You Didn’t See Me”: This song makes me feel like I just rode a roller coaster on a rainbow!! My boyfriend plays it incessantly in the car.
  8. The Dirtbombs – “Crazy For You”: Another pick from one of CMJ’s monthly playlists. Follow them on Spotify! College kids know whats up. And they’ll drink you under the table.
  9. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – “Stranger to My Happiness”: I love anything that sounds old.  If you were ever into James Brown or Aretha Franklin, this is your band.
  10. Arcade Fire – “Afterlife”: If you haven’t heard about Arcade Fire by now, you may be living under a rock. But that’s okay! 
  11. Streets of Laredo – “Girlfriend”: I heard this song on KCRW, a local LA radio station that just nails it with their programming. Non LA-dwellers can listen online or download the app.
  12. Kanye West – “Bound 2”: I’ll blame this one on my good friend Jill with whom I just went to Thailand. Over the week-long trip she sang this essentially every five minutes. Now it’s my anthem. 
  13. Panama – “Always”: I heard this song on the blog All Things Go, which is always an incredible resource for new music (and amazing shows if you’re in the DC area)
  14. Magic Man – “Paris”: My buddy Joey is in this band.  You know a band is good when you listen because you actually like it and not just because your friendship makes it an obligation. If you like Smallpools or Capital Cities you’ll dig this.
  15. Courtney Barnett – “Avant Gardner”: Courtney Barnett is like a badass female version of Jake Bugg.  I saw her at Piano’s in New York City a few months ago. She intimidated me and I liked it.
  16. Grizfolk – “The Struggle”: Another KCRW find. I’ll say this is in my Top 5 songs of the year – SUCH a catchy track. 
  17. Sky Ferreira – “Heavy Metal Heart”: If you loved No Doubt or Madonna, you will eat up Sky Ferreira. Her song “Everything is Embarrassing” blew up in  the blogosphere in 2012. This new album is incredible.
  18. Yeah Yeah Yeahs –  “Sacrilege”: – Few women rock harder in 2014 than Karen O. That’s all there is to say.
  19. Phantogram – “Fall In Love”: I follow pretty much everything this band does. Subscribing to newsletters from sites like Spin, Filter, Paste etc. helps me keep up to date with new releases from bands I like. It’s easy and free! 
  20. Bipolar Sunshine – “Drowning Butterflies”: I heard this unique track on a Stockholm-based online radio station I randomly stumbled upon called Gimme Indie. They have so many bands I’ve never heard of which is almost as exciting to me as traveling to a new country or winning the lottery! 

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

Jackie Shuman is an LA-based music supervisor who specializes in pairing tastemaker bands with emerging directors and cutting edge commercials. She also serves as Head of Sync at Crush, representing multi-platinum artists including Sia, Fall Out Boy, Emiliana Torrini and Wavves. Follow Jackie on Twitter, listen to more of her music selections on Spotify, and read her Coffee Table interview on Your Favorite Blend!

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