The Trix rabbit has been replaced by this adorable ball of fluff, and we can’t get over it

Breakfast just got a million times cuter.

Trix cereal recently held a contest to find an honorary “Real Trix Rabbit.” And guys, the competition was legit. According to General Mills, over 7,600 bunnies submitted photos. But one rabbit reigned as the silliest (and might we say, the cutest) of them all.

The winning rabbit is a lop-eared bunny from Houston, Texas, named Cinnabun. TBH he pretty much blows that silly cartoon Trix rabbit away in the cuteness department. Not that it’s a contest or anything…(oh wait, it is). I mean, look at this precious baby. LOOK AT HIM.

Our hearts are exploding into bunny emojis. What a face.

Cinnabun’s pet-mom is Natalie Tran, who of course is thrilled to pieces that her bunny is now a superstar. “It’s kind of unbelievable that they picked him out of thousands of bunnies,” she says.

“It feels surreal. I never thought I’d be in this kind of situation in my life. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Like any celebrity, Cinnabun has his own Instagram account (because obviously), where he shares photos of himself doing what he does best: looking adorable.

Cinnabun also embraces celebrity life by riding around in limousines. (Well played, rabbit. Well, played.) A limo picked him up from his Houston home today and chauffeured him to several press events before taking him to a local Kroger store where he walked (hopped?) the red carpet.

Then his official Trix cereal box was revealed.

Why do we have a sudden craving for breakfast cereal???

(Images via Instagram)