There’s a new “Star Wars” theory about Rey’s family, and it’s the most intense one yet

Ever since the feisty (and mostly perfect) Rey blasted her way into our hearts during Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’ve been low-key freaking out over her parents. It’s not a huge plot point in the movie, but we’ve made it a huge plot point. Is she a Skywalker? A Kenobi? A Dameron? A Binks? (No, she is not a Binks, never).

A lot of theories have emerged over the last seven months, some of them good, some of them bad, some of them downright crazy. Now we’ve got the best, worst, and also most insane theory for you.

Might Rey actually be a…Palpatine?

YouTuber Vincent Vendetta has posted a brand new video to the site, breaking down everything about this theory, and guys, it’s a doozy. Everything is clearly laid out, from the fact that Rey’s fighting technique mirrors that of Palpatines, to the sheer fact that both Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker know who she is — and they’re both frightened of her a little bit.

Yeah, because when you’re the descendent of one of the greatest, and also most evil, Sith in the galaxy, people are bound to be a little scared of your lineage.

The theory suggests that Rey is actually Palpatine’s granddaughter, which would line up with the current Star Wars time line (there’s still no mention of who her parents actually are, and nowhere have we ever truly learned if Palpatine actually had children…except for Anakin, but let’s save that for another day, okay?).

As the video points out, there’s no way that Rey is a Skywalker, and also that would be the most boring reveal in the history of cinema, since we’re expecting that to happen. The Rey Reveal has to be much bigger, and also explain WHY she’s so Force sensitive, and also WHY she’s got a pull to the Dark Side. If you’ve read the Force Awakens novelization, you’ll actually learn that there’s a ~mysterious voice~ that tells Rey to kill Kylo Ren during their epic battle.

This voice is probably her grandfather, Palpatine.

Other important things to note: Rey has a British accent, just like Palpatine; She was probably left on Jakku so no one would find her, and lure her to the Dark Side; And also the root of Star Wars has always been a Skywalker vs. a Palpatine, and it seems to be lining up that way for this trilogy. too.

The whole theory is pretty darn convincing — and also makes us a tad bit worried that Rey might actually head over to the Dark Side, following in her family’s footsteps. But she can’t…right? RIGHT?

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