The new ‘Supergirl’ teaser is all about the bad guys

This Supergirl wait feels seriously epic. We’re so ready for the show to just begin, already! Well at least they keep tantalizing us with awesome previews. In a new teaser for the upcoming CBS drama, we get a look at some of the bad guys our Kara will be taking on. Plus, we get a few glimpses of Supergirl herself being totally awesome — note the laser beam eyes, the ripping off of car doors, the locking in hand-to-lightning combat.

This trailer starts with a bit of a genesis story for the series’ baddies, showing a prison ship that crashed in the desert, releasing some of the worst criminals in the galaxy. But while Kara is definitely taking on some of these aliens, it also looks like she’s facing classic Earth-bound criminals, like gun-wielding robbers. More details to come, we are sure of it.

We are so ready for Supergirl to save the day but we still have a little time to wait. The series doesn’t premiere until October 26th.

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