New study backs trans students’ rights in schools. Yes!

You know that old (and totally ridiculous) anti-gay marriage argument? “If we let gay people marry then people will start marrying animals,” or something? The arguments against non-discrimination towards trans students have been equally ridiculous and offensive, especially when it comes to bathrooms at public schools. Naysayers claim that allowing students to choose the bathroom that fits their identity will lead to teens going into the opposite gender’s bathroom and behaving inappropriately. Well now, there are statistics to prove that wrong.

First, let’s back up. There’s this thing called Title IX, and it prohibits discrimination based on sex in federally-funded education programs. In 2014, they clarified that this also includes gender identity.

But critics were quick to fight back, spouting all sorts of concerns and protests to prevent trans students from feeling safe and comfortable in their learning environments.

But the jig is up. Media Matters got in touch with 17 of the largest school districts across 12 states that currently enforce nondiscrimination laws protecting students based on sexual orientation and gender identity. These districts cover 600,000 students, and not a single one experienced problems after enforcing these rules.

The schools were contacted, and each replied with a different version of the same thing: no issues here. For instance, Fran Rabinowitz, superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools, said:

In Illinois, Tom Hernandez, director of community relations and Freedom of Information Act officer, said:

The list goes on, but what’s important here is not having an “I told you so” moment, but rather than trans teens across the country are getting the accommodations they deserve in their schools. I don’t know how anyone could say no to that!

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