This new smartphone attachment aims to stop sexual assault by letting friends know when you’re in danger

With the number of campus sexual assaults seemingly not improving, there’s a new device and app that is offering a real solution. The Aluma Connect attaches to the back of your smartphone and alerts a trusted group of people when you are in trouble. This thoughtful product will give people peace of mind that help is only a touch away.

The Aluma Connect comes from Aluma Innovations, which was cofounded by Todd Baldree and Ben Holbrook. In an interview with Mashable, Baldree explained how he saw The Hunting Ground and as the documentary focuses on college rape, he was motivated to create a device that would help solve this problem.

While the Aluma Connect is not the first piece of technology focused on stopping sexual assault, the device is pretty ingenious.

As the above video shows, the Aluma Connect is only 8mm thick and latches onto the back of your smartphone or smartphone case. While you can set off a piercing alarm by pulling the wristband, you can also trigger a silent alarm by pressing a button.

When you set it up, you’ll choose five contacts who will be notified of your location when you trigger either alarm. And it will connect those contacts to see who can help you. false

The dual functionality of Aluma Connect means that it will assist you if you are alone and have been attacked — or if you are with someone you know and are put into an uncomfortable or dangerous position.

If the Aluma Connect sounds like a product that would make you feel more safe, the personal safety device is available for pre-order. An added bonus is that 25% of the profits will go to causes that fight to end sexual and aggravated assault, showing just how devoted Aluma is to putting a stop to sexual assault.

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