What to watch now that “Westworld” is over and you’re not sure how to fill that AI-less void in your life

Now that we’ve reached the end of the first season of Westworld, and won’t have new episodes till 2018 (or possibly later, considering how long Westworld delayed and paused production and development) we’ve got an empty spot in our TV schedule. Sunday nights are suddenly a big gaping entertainment void, and we’re definitely looking for something to cuddle up and watch to take our minds off of the impending work day. Have no fear, though, dear reader — we’ve scoured our memories and the internet for shows to take up this hallowed Sunday night spot so that you don’t have to. Here’s our quick n’ dirty list of shows to watch to fill the sci fi shaped hole in your life.

1 Dollhouse 

You can find Dollhouse on Netflix (#blessed) and if you haven’t seen it, this is EXACTLY what you want. It’s exactly like Westworld, only you’ll actually care about the characters, the multi-timeline structure is well executed, the plot twists are legitimately surprising, and it has all of the complexity that Westworld lacks. If you want to watch something that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but cause you to ask really troubling questions about the nature of identity…LOOK NO FURTHER.

2 Humans 

Yet another “Westworld but it came first and it’s BETTER,” Humans is a U.K. show is set in a world where every household has an AI, or “synthetic.” Obviously some of the synthetics achieve sentience, and everything snowballs from there. Humans is kind of brutal and violent, but pointedly, carefully, and not in the haphazard “paint the set with blood because WE CAN” action you get from HBO shows. The characters are wonderful and nuanced, the world is fresh, and everybody is beautiful and British. Yes, please.

3 Battlestar Galactica

If you’re into gritty sci-fi, Battlestar is one of the originators. It follows a failing spaceship full of human refugees, seeking a new home and trying to survive after an AI race called the “cylons” nukes their home planet. Complex, well-thought out mythology; incredibly well-rendered characters; beautiful, inventive cinematography; and enough badass women to throw the best dinner party ever with, Battlestar never disappoints.

4 Orphan Black

Although it gets away from itself a bit throughout the third season, Orphan Black is a super solid sci-fi show full of twists and turns and dark implications for human evolution that anybody who likes Westworld will love. Plus, the cast is mostly female (let’s be honest, the cast is mostly Tatiana Maslany) which is a nice change from the overwhelmingly straight, male Westworld.

5 Glitch

Definitely lighter fare than Westworld or any of the shows above, but still revolving around the central question of identity, and what makes us who we are — or what makes us human — Glitch is a show out of Australia that you can stream on Netflix. So far it’s only one season, but the next season is due out next year. It follows a police officer and doctor in a small town called Yoorana, dealing with the mysterious return of five dead citizens, who in turn are dealing with their own crisis of identity. It’s literally the MOST lovely show that you’ve never seen, and you need to remedy that, stat. false


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