New ‘Sherlock’ clip! And this time, John and Sherlock MEET.

Oh, how the BBC L-O-V-E-S to tease us. And in bite-sized pieces, to boot.

Sherlock fans have been hanging on to every single bit of info we can get from the creators of our beloved show. And finally, they seem committed to giving us some juicy info. Last month, we found out that the scripts for Season 4 were being written at that moment, and that shooting would begin in spring of 2016. That’s means a looooong time until the date we get to find out about the possible return of Jim Moriarty.

However, we do have something that can tide us over: the Christmas special, to be premiered in both the UK and the USA on January 1st. We’ve been able to see a few clips and trailers for the special that will be set in Victorian England, but just today, the show posted a brand new clip on its official Facebook page . . . and it’s perhaps the best one yet. It’s less than 30 seconds long, but we get to see Sherlock and John meet for the first time once again, and what a beautiful meeting it is.

In the short clip, John’s pal introduces him to Sherlock, who tosses him a cane and says, “Excellent reflexes.” Then, with a devilish smile, he says, “You’ll do.”

Also, Sherlock fans all will rejoice at the end of the brief conversation, when Sherlock delivers his trademark line: “The name is Sherlock Holmes; the address is 221B Baker Street.” SWOOOOOON.

We’re on the edge of our seats for the Christmas special, but for now, this’ll do. Check out the clip below.

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