10 things we NEED to happen on this season of ‘The Mindy Project’

“I’m Danny Castellano, and I’m in love with your daughter.” Better words have never been spoken on TV.

Season 4 of The Mindy Project is FINALLY. ALMOST. HERE! The last few months have been an emotional roller coaster of rumors, cancellation threats and network moves. But Mindy and Co. pulled through, and the whole gang comes back on Hulu tomorrow. We could NOT be more excited that one of our favorite shows is still alive for another season!

The season opener, written by Mindy, is titled ‘While I Was Sleeping’ and promises to be huge. With Danny just having flown halfway around the world to meet Mindy’s parents, plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt guest starring, we’re diving right into where the drama left off in the Season 3 finale. With that in mind, let’s revel in these 10 things we want—no, NEED—to happen on this season of The Mindy Project.

1. Danny in India, please.
Storyline aside, I would genuinely enjoy watching Danny Castellano grow increasingly frustrated trying to navigate the streets of India. Hopefully the first episode will pick up right where the last one left off—with Danny doubling down, flying to India on a whim and introducing himself to, as far as we know, the Lahiris. Or as he’ll probably call them, Ma and Pa Lahiri. Which reminds me…

2. It’s time to put names to faces with Mindy’s parents.
WE FINALLY SEE HER PARENTS IN THE TRAILER. This is huge, especially considering how much we’ve seen of Danny’s parents. We know Mindy hasn’t told her parents about her pregnancy—let alone her relationship—though she did type them an un-sent email about it all. Does that count? Once we meet them IRL, things are probably going to come to a head faster than you can say ‘drafts folder’. Even though they’ll be living halfway around the world, let’s hope they stick around for all of the baby’s big moments through Skype.

3. More amazingly awkward moments with Danny’s parents.
They’re awkward with Mindy. They’re awkward with Danny. They’re awkward with each other. Dan Hedaya and Rhea Perlman, aka Nick and Carla Tortelli (of their Cheers relationship), aka Alan and Annette Castellano make one heck of an on-screen couple, and we hope the baby will bring them together more often. I can’t wait for them to meet the Lahiris.

4. A proposal!
Danny has seriously struggled with the idea of marriage. It’s caused a lot of conflict, especially since Mindy got pregnant. But these two always prevail in the end, and we have a feeling wedding bells are on the horizon this season.

5. More amazing guest stars.
So far we know JGL, Freida Pinto, Eliza Coupe and Cristin Milioti will be there. Last season we were spoiled with names like Laverne Cox, Stephen Colbert, Julia Stiles, Vanessa Williams and and Kris Jenner. Who else will pop up this season?

6. Success for the Lahiri Fertility Clinic.
I know she’s purely fictional, but I like to imagine Mindy is a kind doctor with a gentle but humorous bedside manner. Plus, it’s a special role that real-life Mindy based on her late mom, also an OB/GYN. It took a lot for fictional Mindy to start her own practice, and I hope she succeeds. After all, if you follow her logic, she got herself pregnant—surely she can help others do the same.

7. Mindy being an amazing mom.
Baby Castellano is coming, and we know Mindy is going to be the best mom. And also, that she’ll praise the highs and lament the lows of motherhood with zero filter. That’s what we’re really excited for.

8. Annette Castellano’s #squad.
Dot is our hero, for real. So is the rest of her walking group. Maybe they can babysit?

9. One last hurrah with Peter.
We’re praying to the TV gods that his wedding wasn’t the last we’ll see of Dr. Prentice. A surprise delivery of Baby Lahiri-Castellano would be the perfect swan song.

10. Danny to bust out his sweet dance moves again, obvi.
This will never not be on my wish list.

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